Banner Ad

1456 x 180 is the size of your banner ad. It will get displayed on every page of the site in rotation. These banners are implemented by the Admin. Send your banner to Always include the url you would like the banner to link to.

Feature Image


695 x 350px is the minimum size required for your Feature Image. Images larger than 695 x 350 will be automatically cropped. Designing a custom banner for your APN Feature Image that conforms to this size is the best way to insure that your company branding will be perfect.


You have the option to hide the Feature Image in the post if so desired. Experiment to see what works best. We have prepared this template for your convenience.

Video Instructions

Posting video, images and text to Audio Pro Network couldn’t be easier. We prepared this very short instructional video to help you get things going fast. Consider tailoring your messaging directly to our members. Remember, APN is a private network. Take advantage of the fact that your posts will only be seen by both verified Pro’s and young people eager to enter the audio industry. Speak directly to them for better results.