Apprentice Features

Our online mentorship platform is unlike any that’s ever been created. Connect, communicate and tap into a wealth of knowledge ready to be shared by industry professionals. Share your challenges and get answers to your most pressing questions. Learn what works (and what doesn’t) from experienced working professionals. Staff mentors work one on one and in groups through the site interface and on the phone. We actively advocate to help position mentees into the industry.

Audio Pro network is especially suited for students and recent audio school graduates, or anyone interested and reaping the benefits that a personal mentor can provide.

Phone Mentoring

One-to-one guidance tailored to your experience and covering a wide range of topics. Whether it’s resume creation, business advice, or mixing critiques and tips, these discussions are designed to propel you forward into the next phase of your career. Our dedicated Staff Mentors are here for you, and we want to help. We’ll answer questions through APN’s services on the network, and even speak with you by phone. (Remember phones?) Think of APN Mentors as your well-connected relatives in the audio biz.


Find friends and connections in our customized network filled with people like you; determined, and goal-oriented engineers and producers. Nothing inspires or motivates more than worthwhile discussions with real people. These contacts will enhance your life as well as your career, and last a lifetime.

Help With Internship And Job Placement

We want to give you every chance to succeed by letting companies know they are getting a committed and engaged Intern or employee. Show us your drive and hunger to make it in the industry, and we’ll work hard to help. For qualified members we will actively search out internship/job placements. You’ll be interviewed and prepped by our staff to succeed.


Private and scheduled group chats with staff mentors. Have a question? Jump on a chat. Chats can end up turning into screen sharing sessions and follow up phone calls when needed.


You have access to tips and tricks videos created every week on a variety of informative topics by our mentor staff. If you would like a custom video made on a particular topic, ask for it and we will do our best to create it for you. We also curate demo videos from the web, but only if they are superior quality and execution.

Meet Ups

We’re a global organization with local meet ups scheduled throughout the year. We also partner with non-profit audio organizations, creating even more opportunities to connect with your peers.

Contests/Give Aways

Opportunities to show us your talent through mixing, composing, and sound design contests. Win prizes and get noticed.

Responsive Design

Phone, tablet, computer, we’ve got you covered. Communicate with Mentors and other Apprentice members on the run.


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