Audio Pro Network is a new kind of platform with a unique opportunity for audio software and hardware creators. Low noise, collaborative, educational and forward thinking and with an active culture of engagement. We recommend creating posts using language that speaks directly to our members. Offer deals and special sales curated just for them. They will appreciate your efforts and your company will become part of the fabric of the community.

Posting Instructions:

  • Click the “Add News Item” button and enter the title of your post.

  • Our content box works like other social platforms. Just copy and paste URL’s to post media links from the web. Youtube, Vimeo, Sound Cloud, and all others are supported.

  • Enter text directly into the box and stylize with text options.

  • Insert photos using the Insert button.

  • A Feature Image is required. Use Jpeg files only.

  • Choose a category.

  • If you would like to, add tags separated with commas.

  • Publish your post to the network and view what it looks like by navigating to your Homepage. You will see exactly what Pro and Apprentice members see. If you don’t like what your ad looks like delete your post and start over.  Visit the Video Instructions page to see a demo of the posting process.


Your Sponsor membership allows for one static banner placement. You may change this banner at any time during your subscription. Email banner ads directly to Support@audiopronetwork.com. Sending a new banner will automatically replace your existing banner. Please allow 24 hours for this operation. Our banner size is 1456 x 180.

For analytics email us a report request at Support@audiopronetwork.com and we will send data as soon as possible.

Group Deals

If you would like to participate in a community-driven commerce deal, contact us to talk about the details. An example of a group deal would be a discount for a guaranteed amount of units sold. Email us at Support@Audiopronetwork.com for more information. Group Deals are a great way to interact with our network.

Thank You!

That’s it! Thanks for being a Sponsor and reach out anytime with questions or comments by emailing Support@Audiopronetwork.com