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A private social network for audio professionals with a mentorship platform for the next generation.

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Professional Membership (Free)

Turn down the background noise of other social networks, online groups and message boards with Audio Pro Network. We are a free private community dedicated to audio industry professionals. Network with your peers, get deals on hardware and software, and enjoy private networking with other pros from all over the world. If you are a seasoned expert and your full time occupation is in the audio industry, apply today. Requirements: Audio must be your full time occupation and primary source of income. You must be at least 25 years old with a minimum 3 years working in a professional capacity. Audio must be your full time occupation and primary source of income.

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Mentorship Platform (24.99/month)

Graduated from audio school but not sure what to do next?

Take control of your career by working with your own dedicated audio mentor. Audio Pro Network mentors will coach you on business, networking, studio etiquette, and all things audio–preparing you for success. They will even assist in your search to find internships and job placement. And because you are being coached by audio industry veterans, you’ll easily gain the trust of future employers and clients.

Accelerate your career and join a community of mentors and peers, built around the idea that when one rises, we all rise together.

Professional Features


Skip the negative chatter of other social media, and connect with like-minded professionals in our supportive community.


Exchange ideas and views on audio-related subjects with other verified professionals from all over the globe.


Post photos, video, and even audio with our customized audio wave sound player.

Public Profile

Showcase your work and share your biography and experience with other members. If you choose, you have the ability to make this page visible to the public. Share your page with potential clients, letting them know you are an accredited audio professional


Create your own blog and share your thoughts and ideas with other professionals on the network.


Buy or sell used gear from other professional members. Shop with confidence.

Mentorship Platform Features

Phone Mentoring / Screen Sharing

One-on-one guidance tailored to your unique experience level and covering a wide range of topics. Dedicated Staff Mentors pass along their knowledge and answer questions through communication services on the network and over the phone. Personalized screen sharing and high quality audio streaming tutorials help round out your audio education to prepare you for the real world.

Help With Internship And Job Placement

One of the main purposes of Audio Pro Network is preparing you for work in the industry. When you are ready, we will assist you in your search for internships and jobs.


Becoming successful in the audio industry is made more possible by successful networking. Find friends and connections in our customized network and enjoy worthwhile discussions with other aspiring professionals. These contacts will enhance your life as well as your career. Stay connected to help each other achieve success.

Curated and Custom Content

Learn from our curated and custom content, created by staff mentors, our partners, and gathered from the reaches of the internet. Custom Mentor content will show you the unknown tips and tricks that are not taught in school.

Group Chat

Group scheduled chat and private chat with staff mentors. Gain insights and feedback from one of our experienced Mentors whenever you have a question or need inspiration and guidance.

Responsive Design

Phone, tablet, computer, we’ve got you covered. Communicate with Mentors and other Apprentice members on the run!

Apprentice Member
Rosalie R.

“Joe Miuccio was made to be a mentor. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, he’s generous with his time and attention as well- and with that mindset he’s created an incredible platform for people who want to learn about the industry and come together, connect with mentors, and hone their craft. Advice given within this community is invaluable and instrumental for those wanting to pursue a career in music and or audio.”

Apprentice Member
Jeff G.

“After joining APN, I was able to connect with Joe hands on. We were able to discuss in depth my career interests and possible career paths I could take. Based on our conversations he was able to suggest new ideas that I had never came to think of based on my skills. Post Audio Production was one of those topics. APN was able to connect me with a Post Audio Studio for an internship. I could not be happier with this decision! I am enjoying my internship and gaining valuable skills that will pave the road for my future.”

Apprentice Member
Kyle M.

“Audio Pro Network has given the rare chance for those looking for a career in audio to find both excellent mentors and apprentices alike. Better yet, the community is supportive, educational, and reassuring, no matter the level of experience. If you’re even slightly considering a career in sound/music/audio, this is the community for you.”

Apprentice Member
Darius B.

“APN has provided me with not only a sense of direction towards my goals and dreams, but tons of useful insight that has helped me to recognize the skills needed to achieve success within the industry. Having access to a mentor to speak to and help me navigate my path has been amazing. The mentors at APN don’t give you a fish when you’re hungry. Instead , they bring you to the lake and teach you how to fish by sharing their wisdom, knowledge, and real industry connections.”

Meet Some Of Our Mentors

Joe Miuccio

Founder and President. Audio post and music

Dan Walsh

Audio post for film and television

Brian Bonifacio

Audio post for film and television

Warren Hibbert

Audio Post and Music production